Netizens - Mobile Websites

Mobile WebsitesMost businesses have a website ( if you don't, contact us straight away for help), but is yours mobile friendly ? Google have now changed their algorithm to give priority to mobile friendly websites. If yours isn't, then you will drop down googles listings. .

Standard Mobile Package

  • We translate your existing website into a mobile friendly version
  • We show you the mobile version
  • If you are happy, you just pay £14.00 / month.
  • If you update your website, we will, within reason, update the mobile version for free

What websites can we make mobile ?

  • We can translate most websites, including eCommerce websites. Some more complicated websites will cost slightly more per month. We will advise you before proceeding. As a rule of thumb, if your website is purely an advertising site, with under 20 pages, we can make it mobile for £14 / month

How long does it take ?

  • We can have a demonstration version of your website ready within 5 days normally

That sounds great, how do I sign up ?

  • Give us a call on 01727-859960 and we will set the ball rolling !


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